New Wicket Release: comSysto’s User Guide added

The recent release 6.13.0 of the Java web application framework Wicket brings along good news for comSysto:

An updated version of the  Wicket User Guide that comSysto’s Andrea del Bene and a team of our colleagues wrote has been added to the Wicket project’s accompanying Wicket’s new release 6.13.0.

As the Apache projects’ announcement puts it, „After many years of people asking for a reference guide for Apache Wicket we finally were able to add one to our site thanks to Andrea del Bene and comSysto for writing the guide and providing the hours of converting it to our site.“

The User Guide provides comprehensive documentation covering all the way from the framework’s basic structure and concepts to advanced topics such as complex forms, security, AJAX, or Spring integration. Its aimed at beginners as well as more experienced Wicket users.

Being users of the framework, ourselves, we’ve frequently blogged about Wicket before (seethisthis, and this post)

Please give us feedback on whether you enjoy  the guide and if it’s helpful to you!